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OCR SDK v5.7 released!

Nicomsoft OCR SDK v5.7 build 769 released!

Nicomsoft OCR library v5.7 is available for downloading now. Below are changes made in this version:

  • Improved page layout analysis.
  • Added "Zoning/MoreZones" option.
  • Added "Zoning/ZonesFactor" option.
  • Added "Zoning/OneColumn" option.
  • Added "ImgAlizer/BackgroundColor" option.
  • Added "Blk_SetWordText" function.
  • Improved transparent images support.
  • Now you can specify Image object as Block object in Blk_XXX functions if you want to work with global list of text lines or barcodes of entire image.
  • Fixed issue with lines detection.
  • Updated sample projects.
  • Updated documentation.

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