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OCR SDK v6.0 released!

Nicomsoft OCR SDK v6.0 build 805 has been released!

Nicomsoft OCR library v6.0 is available for downloading now. Here is a list of changes in this version:

  • Added the ability to save recognized documents as PDF/A. Now there is a new constant, "SVR_FORMAT_PDFA". The PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-1b formats are supported.
  • Dramatically reduced the size of the output PDF file for grayscale and black-white input images.
  • Improved recognition quality.
  • Improved space detection.
  • Now the alpha channel in 32-bit BMP files is ignored.
  • Improved font size calculation in output documents.
  • Added pixel correction for images that have different DPI_X and DPI_Y.
  • Added the option "Saver/PDF/GrayImageBPP".
  • Added the option "Saver/PDF/PDFA_Type".
  • Added the option "ImgAlizer/AspectRatio".
  • Added the option "Main/CharFactors".
  • Improved the option "WordAlizer/CorrectMixed".
  • Made a lot of minor improvements.
  • Updated the sample projects.
  • Updated the documentation.

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