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OCR SDK v6.1 released!

Nicomsoft OCR SDK v6.1 build 821 has been released!

Nicomsoft OCR library v6.1 is available for downloading now. Here is a list of changes in this version:

  • Improved support for input image formats.
  • Improved case selection for recognized characters.
  • Improved the lines removal algorithm.
  • Changed the format of the zone templates file to make it compatible with future improvements related to zone templates.
  • Fixed the issue with the "Main/EnabledChars" and "Main/DisabledChars" options.
  • Added the option "BarCode/SearchMode".
  • Fixed the issue with the "BarCode" section in the configuration file.
  • Now active regular expressions are saved to (loaded from) the zone templates file.
  • Improved the "Blk_SetWordRegEx" function. Now it can also set the global regular expression for the entire image.
  • Increased the weight of regular expressions.
  • Improved the "jnsocr.dll" Java wrapper and moved it to the "Bin" folder. Now there is no need to set the "JNSOCR" environment variable.
  • Java: The "Djava.library.path" VM variable must point to the "Bin" folder (or to the "Bin_64" folder on the x64 platform).
  • Made improvements and fixes in the Java wrapper.
  • Made minor improvements in the Linux version of the SDK.
  • Added Java code samples to the NSOCR documentation.
  • Updated the Java Advanced Sample.

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