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OCR SDK v7.0 released!

Nicomsoft OCR SDK v7.0 build 870 has been released!

Nicomsoft OCR library v7.0 is available for downloading now. Here is a list of changes in this version:

  • Added Asian OCR module which supports Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Arabic, Japan and Korean languages.
  • Added "Bin_common" folder to reduce total size of binary and data files required for OCR SDK. See "Redistribution of Nicomsoft OCR files" help section for details.
  • Added "Engine_SetLicenseKey" function. It must be used to apply the license, see "Engine_SetLicenseKey" help section for details. Our customers will get the license key at downloading licensed version.
  • Improved recognition quality and speed for Turkish and Finnish languages.
  • Added "IMG_FORMAT_FLAG_BINARIZED" constant that allows to save binarized image.
  • Fixed issue in PDF saving when several languages are selected for recognition.
  • Fixed issue with "WordAlizer/GarbageThr" option.
  • Fixed issue with RTF saving for some images.
  • Made a lot of minor improvements and fixes.
  • Updated the sample projects.
  • Updated the documentation.

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