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A few users report about serious problems with their monitors.

Some monitor manufacturers implement DDC control support in wrong way or use DDC bus for own purposes for some old CRT monitor models. When DTuner tries to read current monitor settings from such monitors according DDC standard they respond in wrong way. Also they can change some display settings that are not present in OSD and therefore you will not be able to change these settings back!

  • Don't install DTuner if you don't need it really.
  • In case of problems try to disconnect power cable from the monitor immediately for a minute, it may help to restore settings.
  • Try to use "Restore factory settings" command in monitor OSD.

At this moment the following monitors models have serious problems with DTuner:

  • LG Studioworks 563A
  • LG StudioWorks 710E
  • LG Studioworks 700S
  • LG T710BH
  • DELL 1905FP

DTuner cannot restore monitor settings back for such monitors because it don't change them really, it only reads and sends standrard DDC command, if monitor change other settings it means this monitor is not compatible with DDC standard and its manufacturer implemented DDC support incorrectly. Such monitors can be even damaged by DTuner! Not physically, but if manufacturer did not implemented "Restore factory settings" command in monitor OSD correctly and you cannot access all monitor settings via OSD you will not be able to change settings back.

Only a few such monitors were reported from hundreds thousand installations of DTuner, but you must be aware of such problem.

New: We have added additional logic in DTuner v1.7, it will quit if LG or DELL monitor manufactured before 2007 was detected, it must help to avoid this problem.