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WinI2C/DDC Lite


WinI2C/DDC Lite is a special edition of the professional WinI2C/DDC library. It contains only basic functions for controlling display devices via the DDC/CI protocol. It allows you to enumerate available monitors, change their brightness, contrast, red, green, or blue gain values, display size and position, etc.

Key features

WinI2C/DDC Lite has the following differences from full-featured WinI2C/DDC library:

  • It cannot execute the complete set of DDC/CI commands (only defined, such as brightness or contrast).
  • It has no API for low-level DDC and I2C access.
  • It has no ActiveX wrapper.
  • It does not support 64-bit versions of Windows.

Please read Help for the full list of API functions supported by WinI2C/DDC Lite.

WinI2C/DDC Lite is a cost-effective way to use the main DDC/CI capabilities of display devices. It can be used as the main component in various types of color calibration software, OSD-replacement software, etc.


Download trial version of WinI2C/DDC Lite