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Order WinI2C/DDC

Warning: WinI2C/DDC is retired, we do not support it anymore.

Price and Licensing

We offer the following types of licenses for the WinI2C/DDC library:

  • Developer license grants you the right to distribute WinI2C/DDC drivers and DLLs as part of your software without having to pay royalties.
  • Source code license is similar to Developer license but it also includes the complete source code of WinI2C/DDC (VS2008 C++ and latest WDK are used).

Use the table below to choose license type that suits your needs.

License Type Price(USD) Store
Lite Developer License * 395$ -
Developer License 795$ -
Source Code License 1495$ Please contact us for purchasing

* - Developer License for WinI2C/DDC Lite.

If you have any questions concerning licensing please contact us.

Order Processing and Security Information

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