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Download Nicomsoft OCR SDK

NSOCR SDK contains detailed documentation and sample projects for various programming languages that demonstrate the OCR API:

  • OCR .NET Sample
  • OCR C# Sample
  • OCR VB.NET Sample
  • OCR C/C++ Sample
  • OCR Java Sample
  • OCR Visual Basic Sample
  • OCR Delphi Sample
  • OCR C++ Builder Sample
  • OCR C# Multithreading Sample
  • OCR JScript and VBScript Samples
  • OCR Visual Basic (VB6) Sample
  • OCR Visual FoxPro Sample


  • Windows XP or higher
  • CPU with SSE support (any CPU since 2001)
  • 256 MB RAM
Name  Version File Size
Nicomsoft OCR SDK Freeware for Windows x86 and x64 v7.0.885 free_NSOCR_v70_build885_full.exe 89.4 MB
Nicomsoft OCR SDK Freeware for Linux x86 and x64 v7.0.885 free_NSOCR_v70_build885_Linux_full.tar.gz 32.4 MB

Your license key to NSOCR v7.x is: AB2A4DD5FF2A
You must call Engine_SetLicenseKey(YourLicenseKey) before using NSOCR.
Please see sources of sample applications in "Samples" folder for examples.

Please note we don't support Nicomsoft OCR SDK anymore, don't ask us for technical support, updates, sources, etc.