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Download Nicomsoft OCR SDK

NSOCR SDK contains detailed documentation and sample projects for various programming languages that demonstrate the OCR API:

  • OCR .NET Sample
  • OCR C# Sample
  • OCR VB.NET Sample
  • OCR C/C++ Sample
  • OCR Java Sample
  • OCR Visual Basic Sample
  • OCR Delphi Sample
  • OCR C++ Builder Sample
  • OCR C# Multithreading Sample
  • OCR JScript and VBScript Samples
  • OCR Visual Basic (VB6) Sample
  • OCR Visual FoxPro Sample


  • Windows XP or higher
  • CPU with SSE support (any CPU since 2001)
  • 256 MB RAM
Name  Version File Size
Nicomsoft OCR SDK Freeware for Windows x86 and x64 v7.1.921 NSOCR_v71_build921.exe 90.9 MB
Nicomsoft OCR SDK Freeware for Linux x86 and x64 v7.0.885 free_NSOCR_v70_build885_Linux_full.tar.gz 32.4 MB

Your license key to NSOCR v7.x is: AB2A4DD5FF2A
You must call Engine_SetLicenseKey(YourLicenseKey) before using NSOCR.
Please see sources of sample applications in "Samples" folder for examples.