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Manage WiFi connections in Windows!

If you are starting the development of some software that must manage WiFi connections and settings in Windows, you will be faced with the following problem. There are two versions of Windows that have API for WiFi networks management: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (or SP3) and Windows Vista, and both versions use absolutely different APIs for wireless network management.

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  • Windows XP SP2/SP3
    - uses the "Wireless Zero Configuration" (WZC) API. This API is almost undocumented and there aren't any examples how to use it, although this API can perform all necessary operations with WiFi connections and Windows XP SP2/SP3 is the most popular version of Windows at present.

  • Windows Vista and Windows 7
    - uses the "Native WiFi" API. This is a new API that allows you to manage WiFi networks, this API is simpler and more documented, although there is only one example how to use it. You can find this example for the C++ language in the Vista SDK.

There is a patch from Microsoft that allows you to use part of the "Native WiFi" API in Windows XP SP2, though it means that your software must download and install this patch. Unfortunately, we have tried using the "Native WiFi" API for XP in our projects and we have found out that it does not work properly in some cases. It returns some data fields incorrectly and does not set some of them at all. After studying it in detail, we have discovered that the "Native WiFi" API for Windows XP is only a wrapper for the WZC API and it is much better to use the WZC API directly.

Advanced WiFi-Manager is a next-generation tool, it supports all features WiFi-Manager has but also can use NDIS to manage WiFi adapters and works in Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows7 and has no dependencies on Service Packs installed! Read more...

Key features

WiFi-Manager is a developer tool that allows you to manage WiFi connections and settings in Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista using one set of API functions. Also, WiFi-Manager provides a COM interface for all API functions so you can simply control WiFi settings from VB or such .NET languages as VB.NET or C#. WiFi-Manager contains functions for enumerating WiFi adapters, enumerating available networks and getting their settings, functions for connecting and disconnecting to networks, functions for working with wireless networks profiles, etc.

WiFi-Manager is easy to use and includes sample applications that will help you learn how to use it. Using the WiFi-Manager library, you don't have to spend heaps of time learning how to manage wireless networks in one version of Windows, why it does not work in the other version and how to make it work in both versions properly.

The following Windows versions are supported*:

  • Windows XP SP2/SP3
  • Windows XP SP2/SP3 x64
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Vista x64
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 7 x64

*(Use Advanced WiFi-Manager to support more platforms)

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WiFi-Manager is designed for using with:

  • Microsoft Visual C#
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET)
  • Borland Delphi
  • Borland C++ Builder
  • and other programming languages.


The full-featured trial version of the WiFi-Manager library is available for download, it contains detailed documentation as well as examples of applications for various programming languages that will allow you to start working with WiFi-Manager immediately.

Download a trial version of WiFi-Manager library.