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WiFi-Manager – Testimonials

" This is great library! I recently purchased WiFi-Manager for my software project. It saved me significant development time on a very tighly scheduled project. "

Mathias Aoun

" We needed to work with WiFi networks in our software. It became a very complicated thing as there are several techniques from Microsoft and all they can be applied only to specific Windows platforms. We have spent a lot of time to make it work on different Windows versions and different settings with no success. Advanced WiFi-Manager covers all our needs and it is working stable with all devices that we test with. Answers to our technical questions are very quick and useful, I definitely recommend this product if you need a robust solution for working with WiFi networks in Windows. "

Vincent Evans

" I found WiFi-Manager when I was looking for some way of working with wireless networks in C#. I installed it and in about two hours I was able to discover wifi networks and connect! Demo program is really useful, I used its source in my app. Easy to use and it really works :) "

Tim Holmes

" We use Delphi for our software and Advanced WiFi-Manager is the only component that fits our needs. Also, the support and help received from Nicomsoft team is very good. I think that this is the right choice for every software developer. "

Andrej Fedorov